Woman and Home readers wash at lower temperatures

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on April 6, 2011.

A fifth of Woman and Home readers say they’re washing clothes at a lower temperature in order to do their bit for the environment.

A recent poll on the Woman and Home website asked “What changes have you made to live a greener lifestyle?”

The most popular response was to recycle everything (39%), followed by washing clothes at a lower temperature (20%).

Laundry detergent manufacturers have been urging consumers to wash at lower temperatures where appropriate in recent years, and these initiatives have succeeded in saving a great deal of energy.

Philip Malpass, director general of UKCPI, commented: “It’s encouraging to see people taking action on sustainability initiatives and washing at lower temperatures is an easy way to make a real difference. Over the course of a year, washing at 30°C instead of 60°C saves enough CO2 to fill four million double-decker buses.”

The full results of the poll are below.

What changes have you made to live a greener lifestyle?

  • Recycle everything (39%)
  • Avoid using the car for small journeys (6%)
  • Wash clothes at lower temperature (20%)
  • Grown my own vegetables (8%)
  • Changed my lightbulbs to energy-saving ones (18%)
  • Turned stand-by lights off (9%)


Contact the UKCPI on ukcpi@ukcpi.org or call 07843 199397.