How to Clean Green

Making your cleaning process more sustainable – the 3-step approach

The sustainability of a cleaning process is determined by impacts arising at all points of the supply chain and life cycle, from manufacture of cleaning products and equipment to use and disposal. And each part of the life cycle depends on the other, so improving sustainability needs everyone in chain from supply to use to work together.

team effort

It’s a Team Effort

Purchasers and users of cleaning products are in the strongest position to drive improvements in the sustainability of cleaning: not only are most impacts ultimately determined during use and under their direct control, but achieving the optimum combination of products, process and use conditions is critical and they are the ones who decide.

Working with DEFRA, a UKCPI/BACS Task Force developed guidance for purchasers and users of cleaning products wanting to improve the sustainability of their cleaning operations. Originally developed as a guide for public sector procurement , the principles and approach are equally applicable in the private sector.

The guidance recommends a 3-step approach:

  • Step 1 – Choose products, tools and equipment that are designed for sustainability as well as safety
  • Step 2 – Work with suppliers who responsibly manage their manufacturing impacts
  • Step 3 – Minimise the environmental impacts that arise during your cleaning operations

For more details of the Sustainable Cleaning guidance and the 3-step approach click here

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