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Frequently asked questions

Our cleaning experts have been working in the industry for many years, and understand the importance of knowing the best and safest way to keep your home clean and safe.

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What does the label mean?

The packaging around cleaning products contains important information about how each item should be used, so remember to read the label.

From safety to ingredients and tips on how to use and even recycle your cleaning products, the packaging on your cleaning products have a wealth of information to help you choose and use the product and safely and sustainably. We provide an overview and links to resources with detailed explanations of what you will and won’t see on your packaging.

Hints and tips

If you’re looking for ways to clean better or more safely, we have a range of great ideas based on years of research and practice. From the kitchen and bathroom to saving money and helping look after our planet, we have tips and and suggestions to help you.


The cleaning products industry is carefully regulated to ensure we are using safe and effective products. If you work in the industry and need more information about these regulations, or if you’re a consumer and just want to know a bit more, we have a run-down of the relevant resources.

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