Health & Wellbeing

Professional cleaning and hygiene for health and wellbeing

Cleaning and hygiene are vital to protecting our health, from microbes that can cause infectious disease and from allergens and other harmful agents. Cleaning also helps keep our built surroundings as aesthetically pleasing as they were designed to be, and furnishings and fabrics comfortable and attractive.

Professional cleaning and hygiene protect health and wellbeing everywhere we go in everyday life outside the home – and sometimes within it. Whether it’s offices or schools, restaurants or hotels, or on trains and planes, people who clean help keep it a safe and pleasant place to be.

In hospitals and healthcare settings, cleaning and hygiene becomes literally a matter of life and death, and it’s similarly vital in food factories and dairies for example in ensuring the products they supply are safe for us to eat and drink.

Protecting people from allergens and other agents that can trigger allergic reactions or symptoms is increasingly important as allergies have become much more common over the last half century.

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