UKCPI members meeting to cover REACH exposure scenarios

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on March 22, 2012.

The next UKCPI regional meeting will take place on Wednesday 25 April at the Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa in Yorkshire.

The meeting is free for UKCPI members and provides an opportunity to discuss practical details of exposure scenarios, and to share issues as well as learning and practical solutions on this topic.

Click here to register to attend the meeting or contact the UKCPI office for further details.


The meeting will start with an open, interactive discussion led by colleagues from AISE on the main issues members companies are facing regarding REACH and more specifically on exposure scenarios (ES).

Session one

The first session will focus on the best way to read the ES of the extended Safety Data Sheet (ext-SDS) and how to apply scaling or do a DU CSR.

The ES is a new concept developed within REACH and is the way to communicate the information for the assessed safe use of a substance.

When receiving an extended SDS, companies have to check whether or not their uses/conditions of uses are properly covered.

If not, different solutions are available for the DU, we will focus on two of these options: scaling and DU CSA.

The presentation explaining the above topics will be followed by a practical exercise going through an extended SDS and assessing what a company should do.

Session two

The second session will be dedicated to communication in the supply chain and how to improve it, ahead of the 2013 registration deadline.


As the meeting is in the format of a workshop we would welcome any examples or issues that you have already identified, in particular examples of extended Safety Data Sheets that you have already received.

If you have any specific questions or areas for clarification then please submit them to us prior to the meeting so that we can try and address them at the workshop. 

The meeting is open to all UKCPI members, so if you think a colleague would benefit from attending this workshop then please pass this invitation to them.

Click here to register to attend the meeting or contact the UKCPI office for further details.

Event details

Wednesday 25 April

Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa


Contact the UKCPI on or call 07843 199397.