European Commission calls for “greenmagic” formulas for detergents

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on February 17, 2017.

A representative of the European Commission has said the environmental profile of products is one of the biggest challenges facing cleaning product manufacturers.

Kristine Dorosko

Kristine Dorosko, a policy officer with responsibility for Ecolabel in the EC’s Environment Secretariat-General, was speaking in an interview with organisers of the Cleaning Products Europe 2017 conference.

“We have just finished the revision process for the EU Ecolabel criteria for detergents. From discussions, one could conclude that the biggest challenge is the environmental “profile” of the formula of the product. We need formulas with reduced environmental footprint and that demonstrate excellent performance and effectiveness at the same time,” she said.

“These formulas should work at low temperatures, at low dosages and promote lower water consumption. Thus, the challenge for chemical engineers is to develop a ‘greenmagic formula’ that is efficient and environmentally neutral in all aspects.

“With every revision of the EU Ecolabel criteria, the European Commission is reducing the environmental footprint of formulas that are allowed in EU Ecolabel products and this is not an easy negotiation.”

Ms Dorosko will be speaking at the conference in Barcelona on March 15-16. 

A full transcript of her interview is available on the conference website.

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