Could endocrine disruptors adversely affect people?

The endocrine system helps control so many aspects of human function and development, so it’s easy to think of ways in which ‘disruption’ of that system might have harmful effects. 

There are also trends which suggest more people suffer from conditions ranging from allergies to obesity and reproductive problems to breast cancer. Scientists around the world are looking for explanations and factors contributing to these trends. 

Very little evidence of harm

It has been suggested that, theoretically at least, these conditions might result from malfunctioning of the endocrine system. However, while it is important that all possibilities should be considered, there are many other possible explanations for these trends.

To date, other than for some specific industrial exposures, no evidence has been found to show that people are being harmfully affected by exposure to ‘endocrine disruptors’.

Dangerous substances would be prohibited

Substances that are shown to be capable of causing cancer in humans or harming reproductive health, given a high enough dose, would be prohibited by law from use in cleaning products.

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