Britons stay home for the big spring clean this Easter

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on April 13, 2012.

This Easter, Brits ditched their holidays and embarked on one enormous spring clean, according to eBay. The online marketplace saw requests for household cleaning products such as brooms, floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, dusters and storage boxes increase by as much as 400% compared to this time last year, as Britons prepared to spruce up their homes and clear out their clutter.  

Demand for popular cleaning goods saw sales of vacuums increase by 388%, dusters by 380% and floor polishers by 233%. Not surprisingly – for handling all the muck – sales of cleaning gloves increased by 478%.

If you’re joining the big spring clean, we have plenty of cleaning tips and information.

People are also having a seasonal clear-out and turning to eBay to sell their unwanted goods. Five of the most popular items which have seen a marked increase in listings over the past two weeks are:

  1. Baby Clothes (73%)
  2. Carpets (64%)
  3. Sofas (58%)
  4. Curtains (54%)
  5. Shoes (44%)

Jeremy Paterson, director of homes and gardens, said: “Easter is historically a busy DIY time in the UK, and this one looks to be the busiest yet. People are getting ready to clean their homes, sort through their unwanted items and sell these on eBay.”

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