Are candles really harmful?

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on October 11, 2011.

You may have read recent reports about candles and alleged health concerns arising from a study conducted over two years ago at South Carolina State University in the United States.

Candles are safe and effective when used as directed. The industry takes the responsibility of providing products that families can use with confidence very seriously.

The appropriate industry associations analyzed what information was available and found that the results and assertions of the South Carolina State University researchers are in stark contrast to earlier studies and contradict the overwhelming body of scientific data on the topic.

In fact, there is no scientific study that has shown candles to be harmful to human health.

A large-scale study carried out in 2007 clearly demonstrated that all waxes burned cleanly and safely.

This international study* analyzed the combustion products of different types of candles and found that the combustion products from all of the waxes were virtually identical in both composition and quantity and all candles produced combustion products at levels far below the most conservative indoor-air standards.

Manufacturers’ safety evaluations take into consideration how products are used in the home, the most up-to-date safety information on the products and ingredients, and established safe exposure guidelines.

*Titled the Okometric Wax and Emissions Study, sponsored by an international consortium and conducted in Germany.

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