Unilever buys green products company Seventh Generation

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on September 19, 2016.

UKCPI member company Unilever UK & Ireland has bought sustainable products company Seventh Generation.

Unilever has announced the purchase of Seventh Generation, which includes plant-based detergents and household cleaners in its product portfolio. It also has its own distribution network.

■ Nitin Paranjpe

Nitin Paranjpe, president of Unilever’s home care business said: “Seventh Generation has long been a disruptor in the US marketplace, leading the industry in sustainable innovation while attracting new generations of conscious consumers.”

“This addition to Unilever’s product portfolio will help us meet rising demand for high-quality products with a purpose.”

Seventh Generation founder Jeffrey Hollender told Bloomberg News the deal would extend the reach of his company’s sustainable products: “The biggest benefit of the deal will be being able to expand Seventh Generation to a global market.

■ Jeffrey Hollender

“When we look at consumer data, there is a very strong commitment to sustainability in some developing countries, like Brazil and China, as well as places like Europe. There are some terrific markets Seventh Generation could enter with Unilever’s help. 

“It’s not easy to do alone. It’s very challenging to become a global company without a base of operations in that country.”

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