Cleaning products industry unites over Brexit negotiations

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on April 12, 2018.

Leading associations UKCPI and A.I.S.E. send joint letter to Brexit negotiators

The European cleaning industry has come together to compose a joint letter setting out the importance of a future UK/EU trading relationship. Signed by the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association (UKCPI) and the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.), the joint letter outlines the concerns of the household care and professional cleaning and hygiene industry in relation to Brexit negotiations. It has been sent to the cabinet of the European Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, as well as to UK Government Brexit contacts.

Commenting on the joint letter, UKCPI Director General Philip Malpass said: “This is a significant achievement, not only due to the timing now as trade negotiations get underway, but also we are one of the few UK associations to have produced a joint message with our Brussels-based association targeting directly key contacts in Michel Barnier’s cabinet”.

The letter explains that the public benefits of the European cleaning and hygiene industry, which go well beyond the economic gains of business activity, are only achievable because the industry is totally integrated in ingredient sourcing, manufacture, distribution and sales across the whole of the EU-27 and the UK. It calls for a long-term solution which safeguards companies’ license to operate, provides business certainty for the future, and enables unimpeded trade flows between both parties.

Trade flows of detergents and maintenance products from the UK to the EU amounted to approximately 700 million euros in 2016. And trade flows of the same products from the EU-27 to the UK came to approximately 490 million EUR in 2016.

A.I.S.E. and UKCPI support an outcome whereby:

• The EU-27 and UK manufacturers of cleaning and hygiene products continue to have access to each other’s markets at no additional cost/burden;
• There is recognition of existing registrations and authorisations, including re-import of already approved product or ingredients, as well as certainty over the future status of UK manufactured substances and products;
• Continuity of access is guaranteed for UK officials to EU agencies such as the European Chemicals Agency for example through associate membership.

For more information contact UKCPI Director General Philip Malpass or Communications Officer Charlotte Salter.

UKCPI, the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association, is the leading trade association representing UK producers of cleaning and hygiene products. This covers consumer products as well as professional cleaning and hygiene products used in industrial and institutional environments. The UK consumer and professional cleaning sector generates over £4.5 billion in sales annually and employs some 30,000, many in SMEs.

About A.I.S.E.
A.I.S.E., the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, is the official representative body of this industry in Europe. Our membership totals 29 national associations across Europe, 18 corporate members and 6 value chain partners. The A.I.S.E. network of members represents over 900 companies supplying both household and professional cleaning and maintenance products and services across Europe.

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