Canadians research cleaning biocides from wastewater

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on August 4, 2016.

Researchers in Canada are teaming up with a waste management company to look for new ways to clean biocides from industrial wastewater.

The team from McMaster University in Ontario is working with Aevitas, which works across Canada, to better detect and create more cost-effective and faster treatment solutions for water which is contaminated with biocides.

Biocides are used to control the growth of bacteria in many industrial process such as steel production and car manufacturing, but these biocides need to be removed from wastewater before it is returned to the general water supply.

David Latulippe

Developing new technologies to clean biocides from different types of wastewater is important for the entire treatment and cleaning field, said David Latulippe, assistant professor of chemical engineering at McMaster University.

“The overall usage of biocides at manufacturing plants is expected to be dramatically reduced by providing them with the detection kits to measure biocide levels in their wastewater,” he said.

“The proposed research is expected to yield a significant improvement in the quality of the treated wastewater and thus lead to healthier aquatic ecosystems in the receiving water bodies.”

You can read more about this research at Eurekalert.

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