Bath pubs serve UK’s dirtiest pint

Posted by Charlotte Salter, on April 7, 2017.

Pubs in the city of Bath serve the least clean beer in the UK, while the South West is the worst region for unclean beer lines (with 40% of lines unclean).

Meanwhile, Newcastle and Warrington are where the cleanest beer can be found, with the North East the cleanest region with only 27% of beer lines adjudged to be unclean.

That’s according to the Beer Quality Report 2017 by beer quality accreditation and training firm Cask Marque
and Vianet, which monitors the flow of beer through lines in pubs across the country.

Joining Bath on the top five unclean list were Swansea, Bristol, Salisbury and Motherwell. Newcastle and Warrington had the cleanest lines, with Wigan, Liverpool and Wolverhampton also in the top five.

Pubs and other establishments serving beer and cider are generally recommended to clean their lines on a seven-day cycle or risk a deterioration quality and a fall-off in demand from customers.

The report found that while beer may be substantially more expensive in the South – in some cases almost £1 a pint more – quality can be substantially lower.

A copy of the Beer Quality Report is available from Cask Marque.

Contact the UKCPI on or call 07843 199397.