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I Prefer 30, a small change can make a big difference...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did you know that the average wash temperature in the UK is 39°C?

And if everyone reduced their laundry wash temperature by just 3° that would be the equivalent of removing 127,000 UK cars from the road.

Washing at lower temperatures is a win/win for everyone and the environment.

‘I Prefer 30’ - the Campaign

The European detergent industry, headed by AISE (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products), has initiated this consumer campaign. Running in five countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy & UK) in coordination with each national association, this campaign aims at driving down the average wash temperature of domestic laundry washing. The campaign is open to a large group of consumer partners including the fashion/textile industry, retailers, appliance manufacturers, and other interested stakeholders. It will feature in magazine ads, web ads and Point of Sale material at participating outlets in the coming months.

The campaign is not targeting commercial and industrial cleaning processes.

The consumer campaign has been launched in 2014 to get people to consider the temperature at which they are washing their laundry. This change is not only one which is good for the environment, but clothes will last longer and it will help reduce the amount of energy consumed through electricity. A simple and easy gesture which can really make all the difference…

While it was once commonplace to wash at high temperatures to remove tough stains and bacteria, times have changed. Many of today’s detergents are so effective that they can wash effectively at low temperatures.


Washing at 30°C is fine in most domestic circumstances. However, it is necessary to wash at 60°C for heavy soiling, for example, when someone is ill, for items that are used in the kitchen during food preparation, clothes used in contact sorts and uniforms of healthcare workers should all be washed at 60°C with an active oxygen bleach detergent or additive.

Consumers are encouraged to visit the I Prefer 30 website for advice and tips at 

The I Prefer 30 campaign is being managed in the UK by UKCPI.

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