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Cleaning’s important role in allergy control

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Cleaning helps control asthma and allergy symptoms

People with allergies and asthma suffer periodic attacks which can be triggered by variety of different things - from pollen to pets and house dust mites to mould. As well as using medication to control symptoms, they often find that controlling the triggers is a way of avoiding frequent attacks.

So keeping the home and other surroundings clean, with low levels of dust, pollen and pet allergens, and eliminating any dampness and mould can be very helpful.

Laundering can help remove house dust mites from sheets, pillowcases and duvets.

Cleaning can also help control other types of allergy with similar triggers, such as hay fever and rhinitis.

Cleaning tips

To kick-start your spring cleaning regime this year, and to help control the triggers of allergies, check out our range of tips on cleaning and hygiene. 

Myth busting

It's sometimes said that asthma and allergies have risen because we've become 'too clean', and no longer encounter enough bugs to keep our immune systems properly tuned - the unfortunately-named 'hygiene hypothesis'. While it's possible that some change since the days when we lived mainly lived on farms and around animals is a factor, there is no evidence that we need to get infected to get protected or that allergies are rising because we're overdoing hygiene. You can read more in our cleaning and allergy FAQs here.

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