Sustainable Cleaning For Professionals

Guidance to help buyers and users of professional cleaning products to clean sustainably as well as safely is presented on a dedicated website.

This guidance was developed in collaboration with DEFRA and the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum by a joint task force with our sister trade association BACS (British Association for Chemical Specialities).

Click here to access the website or here to download a copy of the Guidance.

Three key steps to Sustainable Professional Cleaning

Step 1 - Choose products that are designed for sustainability as well as safety.

Require the manufacturer to select and formulate ingredients not only to ensure safety but to optimize the sustainability of the finished product when properly and diligently used.

Step 2 - Work with suppliers so that they responsibly manage their manufacturing impacts.

Challenge your supplier for evidence that they have effective control of impacts during the manufacturing phase. Key areas include:

Step 3 - Minimise the environmental impacts that arise during your cleaning operations.

Reduce your consumption of product, packaging and energy by buying effective products and using them efficiently to minimise wastage and disposal to landfill.

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Myth Busters

Did you know the facts behind this common myth?

Myth: Natural is better than chemical

Fact: Everything (including ourselves) is made of the same 90-odd chemical elements, so distinctions between "natural" and "chemical" products can be very misleading.

UKCPI Cleansmart Guide

A handwashing and cleanliness programme for Infant Groups.

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