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Green Cleaning Golden Rules

Doing your bit for sustainable cleaning — the Golden Rules

Fortunately, doing your bit for sustainable cleaning is easy... and it’ll save you money!

In the supermarket, look for concentrated products that pack lots of washes into small packets or bottles. As well as reducing the amount of packaging per wash, and saving on transport, concentrated products look to minimise the use of ingredients per wash too.

Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo

The new Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logos are there to highlight products that have good sustainability profiles and come from manufacturers who are doing their bit.

Your really critical contribution though comes when you’re actually doing the washing and cleaning. Whatever the task, the golden rules to think about are:

  • use the correct dose - too much is wasteful, too little could mean poor results, re-washing, increased wear and poor hygiene
  • use low temperatures where possible
  • recycle packaging or use refills

Only you can do this!

For laundry, the golden rules are set out in the now familiar Washright panel like the one below. Laundry detergents which carry the Charter logo must carry this panel to guide your use or provide a link to the Cleanright Website so you can find the information there.

tips for saving tips for saving

For dishwasher detergents, the Save Energy and Water initiative builds on the same golden rules about correct dosage, low temperature and minimising waste packaging.

tips for saving

Look for the Save Energy and Water logo on pack...

tips for saving

...but the other golden rules about filling the machine, dosage and packaging are important too.

Myth Busters

Did you know the facts behind this common myth?

Myth: Traditional or ‘natural’ products are a good alternative to cleaning with chemicals

Fact: Even vinegar is just a collection of chemical substances diluted in water. It is these chemical components, like the acetic acid in vinegar, the sodium bicarbonate in baking soda and the citric acid in lemons that make them work. Modern cleaning products often combine the same things with other ingredients to make them work better.

UKCPI cleansmart guide

A handwashing and cleanliness programme for Infant Groups.

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