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Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

Keeping your home green and clean just got easier

Choosing cleaning products to help keep your family safe and care for the environment is now easy with the release of a new sustainable cleaning logo.

Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo

Shoppers across the UK can now see the new Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo on cleaning products. Starting with laundry detergents and fabric conditioners, the Charter logo will be found in future on many other cleaning products.

What is the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning?

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is a voluntary industry initiative set up in 2005 encouraging manufacturers and consumers to adopt more sustainable cleaning practices.

Assurance for you and your family

The on-pack Charter logo is your assurance that the product meets high sustainability standards.

The majority of UK manufacturers and retailers are signed up to this voluntary initiative.

Logo on pack now

The new logo is already appearing on major brands and own label products, and its use will continue to increase throughout 2012 and 2013.

Click here for more details about the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning.

Myth Busters

Did you know the facts behind this common myth?

Myth: ‘Eco’ products are a greener choice

Fact: ‘Eco’ products are often not the greener choice they claim to be. Properly formulated cleaning products that work efficiently and effectively are the key to sustainability.

UKCPI cleansmart guide

A handwashing and cleanliness programme for Infant Groups.

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