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What's in my cleaning product?

What is in my cleaning product?On the packaging of cleaning products you'll find a list of the main ingredient families in the product, and how much of each there is in the product in a series of ranges.

This started years back as a voluntary industry initiative but it's now been made a legal requirement.

See an illustration of some typical packs to see where to find this information on the pack.

Follow the link for an explanation of what's covered in this list.

If you'd like to know what each of these different kinds of ingredients do, click here.

It's also a legal requirement for manufacturers to provide details on the pack of a website where you can get a list of each specific ingredients rather than just the families. If you want this level of detail, check the pack.

Myth Busters

Did you know the facts behind this common myth?

Myth: People living in cleaner homes are more prone to allergies

Fact: The scientific evidence doesn’t support the idea that we need germs and infection to stay allergy-free or that over-use of cleaning products is a factor in the rise in allergies.

UKCPI cleansmart guide

A handwashing and cleanliness programme for Infant Groups.

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